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You don’t have to settle for less when it comes to indoor air comfort; expect the best from your Indianapolis heating and cooling company from now on! A Comfortable Climate, in business since 2008, retains the latest technologies and HVAC products that are guaranteed to keep your family comfortable indoors all-year long. Contact Us for an estimate today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Proper Maintenance for HVAC Systems Lower Energy Consumption?

Yes; in fact, there are many ways to reduce your energy use just by a little routine maintenance for your HVAC system. Be sure to change or clean your filters, schedule annual inspections, and clean your HVAC units properly on a regular basis. This will reduce the need for the system to over work itself in order to maintain its performance levels. It will also reduce the potential for system breakdowns, HVAC repair , and lowered functioning all together.

How Soon Should I Change My Furnace and Air Conditioning Filters?

HVAC filters should be cleaned regularly, and replaced every three to four months, in order to maintain its performance value. Regular maintenance for heating and cooling systems is imperative to reducing the need for costly repairs and to improve the air quality in your home

Can a Broken Furnace Lead to Health Complications in Cold Weather?

If you lack heat in your home during cold seasons, it can potentially lead to uncomfortable situations and even health risks. Excessive exposure to the cold without any heat can irritate pre-existing respiratory problems, such as asthma, the flu, and coughing. It can also cause hypothermia and other health conditions. Heat in your home is important for comfort, as well as, health.

Where is the Pilot Light?

If you are searching for a thing called a “pilot light” on your furnace, you need to kneel down on one knee. Pilot lights are located at the bottom of the appliance and can be seen through a slit in the door panel. To remove the flame, simply give it a blow. To re-light the pilot light, follow the manual instructions on the side panel of the appliance.

Do I Need to Cover My Outdoor HVAC Unit in the winter?

Not at all! These appliances are intentionally crafted to withstand the changing temperatures of every season. They should never be covered up.

Can an HVAC Company Help Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

Yes; an HVAC company has the equipment and training to service and clean your HVAC system entirely. This reduces dust particles, allergens, mold, fungi, and more in your indoor air flow.